Sometimes you can see the demons clearly; they might be anxiety, unmanageable anger, depression or feelings of worthlessness. But sometimes you don’t see them because they’ve become such a part of your life; then those demons may take the form of frequent struggles with a boss at work, a pervasive sense of emptiness, or a series of failed relationships. My work is about helping individuals and couples with their demons.

Currently I work almost entirely with adults and couples who are dealing with the following challenges:


- Infidelity

- Regaining or increasing trust

- Lack of intimacy

- Learning how to compromise

- Communicating effectively

- Dealing with anger/conflict


- Feelings of emptiness or purposelessness

- Depression or anxiety

- “Stuckness”

- Mood swings

- Relationship difficulties

- Low self-esteem

- Life transitions (divorce, death of a loved one, “empty nest syndrome”)

- Sexual/physical abuse